Posted by : Waalid Al-Marbawi Jul 2, 2013

You'll increase your chances of entering Paradise through Ar-Rayyan as you'll:
  • Utilise your time EFFECTIVELY in worship.
  • Plan your day and use your time productively by gaining knowledge, Salah, Nawafil, Qur'an, Dua', charity, Dhikr...and the list goes on 
  • Plan your nights around conversing & CONNECTING with Allah throughQiyam, Tahajjud, and reciting Qur'an.
  • Make effort to correct your affairs, clear any debts, seek forgiveness, re-new yourselves/intentions, increase your Ibadah
  • Gain knowledge about the Fard and Sunnah acts of Ramadan
Go through the checklist and work out what you're going to focus on for each week of the month. And don't forget to make your special plans for the last 10 nights!

Use this Ramadan as a FRESH START to becoming better, improved, committed, practising slaves of Allah. Make this your BEST Ramadan so far! Don't let this BLESSED month come and go without taking action! Start preparing to take action now, it's never too late; you just need the right resources & the right INTENTION! Make lots of Dua` that we can maintain this level of ImanIbadah and sincerity after the blessed Ramadan leaves us.

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